a second birthday fiesta.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Our girl turned two yesterday.  TWO!  I know it's kind of cliche to say "I can't believe how time has flown," but it's so true.  We threw her a big Mexican fiesta on Saturday to celebrate.

All decorations are either Oriental Trading, Party City or Amols.com.

It was the first big shindig in our new house and I think it went off without a hitch!  I can't wait to have more get togethers when it's warmer so we can spend time outside.

These cactus erasers might just be my favorite thing ever.

We had a build-your-own taco bar complete with chips, 3 kinds of salsa and queso, and a tres leches cake for dessert.  I made this one and it was awesome.

S2 wasn't all that interested in opening gifts, so she spent a lot of time playing with her gifts while other people (me, and her two little friends) opened them.

Her favorite gift was a red Radio Flyer tricycle.  She spent the rest of the day on that thing.  On Sunday, we gifted her with a yellow electric Mini Cooper and getting her out of it was just asking for a toddler-sized meltdown.

She's such a good balance of tomboyishness and girlishness.  She loves wheels and basketball and balls in general, but she'll also carry a baby around and do domestic things like sweeping, and "boiling" potatoes in her play kitchen.

We had such a great weekend with our two-year-old.  I'll say it again, I can't believe how fast time goes.

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