seventy-four with a chance of pillows.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's 74 degrees outside today.  SEVENTY-FOUR!  It's got me longing for days spent outdoors.  S2 is obsessed with playing outside.  Any chance she gets, she tries to escape with pleas of "out-dide, out-dide."  That girl would live outside if she could, I'm sure of it.

Anyway, it's kind of funny that I mention that because I made these pillows on a snow day a few weeks ago.  *Shudder*  I don't even want to think about it. :)

I bought the supplies at Hobby Lobby with a birthday gift card: 2 yards of fabric and some gold piping.  I also picked up some new needles while there, but already had the brown thread.

No step-by-step tutorial because sewing pillows with an envelope back is about the easiest sewing project ever and there are plenty of tutorials devoted to it online already.  One note I will make though: use the zipper foot on your sewing machine when sewing in the piping - it makes it so much easier to get right up next to it for a clean look.

Another thing, don't you love this watercolor-ish leopard print?  Leopard is so neutral yet still adds a dash of style to anything you pair it with.  Ask me how many times I've worn my leopard print flats.  Never mind, I'll just tell you:  too many to count. :)

We're really struggling with the furniture layout in the living room at the new house.  This brown leather sofa and matching chair are comfy, but are showing their age and the frame of the sofa is actually bent/broken/something and creaks when you sit on it wrong.  THEREFORE we're contemplating a new sofa purchase, but I can't decide if we should do a small sectional, or just a new sofa, or maybe a sofa and a small loveseat.  We do have a sectional that was in the basement family room at the old house that is currently sitting unused in the basement of THIS house, but the style is a little too casual and I think it's a little too large although would technically fit in the space.  We also don't have a coffee table of any sort so S1 uses a step stool to rest his feet on in the evenings, so we have to keep that in mind with the new furniture arrangement, whatever that ends up being. With that in mind, I think these pillows will go with any color/style sofa we choose.  I'd also like to add two smaller pillows but will probably wait and see where we end up before I commit to anything.

Pretty cute for a 2-hour sewing project, don't you think? :)

Now back to sipping my sweet tea and dreaming of the warmer days ahead...

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