home tour: part ii, the master

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hello and happy Wednesday to you!  I'm back with a long overdue continuation of our new home tour!  Today I'm focusing on our master bedroom, bathroom and closet.

I haven't done any decorating in here other than hanging the curtains and shades.  We have all the same furniture that was in our last house, although I've been on the hunt for an upholstered headboard   to replace the square lines of this one.  Although truth be told, I do love this bed and it's very craftsman which fits with the style of our house, but I prefer a little bit of a softer look in the bedroom.

This door leads out to the deck.  The curtains are on a track system so they close by pulling a string over on the right side.  They were the biggest splurge decorating-wise that we've made on this house so far, from Regal Drapes, fabric name is Serenity.

Wall color: PPG "Blue By You"

One thing I will mention about building a house is just how many decisions have to be made.  Take the below photo of the entrance to our bathroom for example... The silhouette of the crown molding?  Decision.  The trim around the doors and windows?  Decision.  The size of the can lights?  Decision.  Placement of the alarm system keypad?  Decision.  Exact locations of every single outlet and switch? Decisions, decisions, decisions. :)

All good and fun decisions, mind you, but toward the end it's almost like I don't even care, just put it wherever you think is best. :)

We spend a lot of time in the master bathroom, so function was a number one priority for me.  There are still some things I want to add to make it work even better for us (a vanity stool and a clock between the mirrors, to name two), but I'm pretty darn happy with the way it turned out.

cabinets: hargenrader custom woodcraft // faucets: delta cassidy in venetian bronze // mirrors: local flea market (see them in our last house here) // sconces: lightingdirect.com // wall color: PPG "Sky Diving"

tile: florida tile "tides" in sea salt

shower enclosure, towel bars and robe hook: lake norman glass and custom closets

shower heads: delta (but I'm sorry - I don't remember which style!)

toilet: american standard // sidenote here: before I had made a single decision about anything in the house, I knew I wanted skirted toilets.  In fact, we bought all of our toilets before we even broke ground!  They were on sale at Lowe's and I forget the circumstances but I think they were being discontinued?  At any rate, we had 5 toilets sitting in S1's uncle's basement for 6 months or so - ha!  One is still sitting in the box downstairs for the future half bath down there.  The idea of all our toilets not matching made me a little twitchy, hence the purchase of the extra toilet with no immediate plans to use it.  If you click on the product link up there, you can see the toilet from the side - no "exposed" pipes to dust.  My heart is full. :)

Between the shower and toilet is the entrance to our closet.  One of the builders we met with tried to talk us out of pocket doors, but there was no talking me out of them.  I puffy heart pocket doors, always have.

closet system: lake norman glass and custom closets

Originally, we had planned to have an island in the closet, but in the end, there wasn't really enough space for one so we had to compromise with the shoe shelves in front of the window.  Ideally, there wouldn't be this large of a window in a closet, but it's on the front of the house, so there was really no getting around it, for the sake of the exterior elevation.  It is nice to have some natural light in here though.

Sorry, I didn't really "stage" the closet - this is how it always looks (albeit fewer pairs of jeans strewn on the floor).

Getting the entire vanity in a photo is nearly impossible.  I stood on the back of the tub to get this one!  I almost forgot - our granite color is andino white.

Looking at the photo above, it reminds me of the funny things I was fairly insistent on and the things I couldn't really care less about.  I knew I wanted: skirted toilets, 5 panel doors, square molding and a farmhouse sink in the kitchen.  Things I didn't give much thought: the appliances (S1 picked them out), the wood flooring (we went with what the builder had quoted and just put a coat of semi-gloss poly on it - no stain), closet systems (hindsight: I should have informed the installers that I'm short because I can't quite reach the upper bar in most of the closets).

I still have lots of spaces to show you guys.  Soon, I promise!

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