home tour: part iii, the great outdoors

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hello and happy Thursday to you!

I'm finally getting around to posting little snippets of our new house.  Today I'm showing off our outdoor living areas out back!  (We also have a front porch but that's a post for another day.)

When we bought this piece of lakefront property, we knew it would be essential to have plenty of deck and patio areas so we could really enjoy it.  I think we definitely accomplished that.  So much so that figuring out a furniture arrangement (and actually getting furniture that doesn't break the bank) is proving to be a challenge.  But here's where it stands right now!

The upper deck is 12' wide and approximately 60' long.  We splurged on composite decking and I'm here to tell you: it's worth every penny.  We walk around barefoot out here with no worries of splinters or rough boards.  It's nice.

The vaulted windows above are in the living room and the door at the far end leads into our master bedroom.

The view of the other direction shows our (too small) dining table and grill.  We have been doing a ton of grilling and it's so nice to throw something on the grill and sit out here and enjoy time together.  The windows in this direction are all in the kitchen.

We love hanging out in these chairs after S2 is in bed, so the patio heater comes in handy on chillier nights!

Obviously this furniture and placement is what we've put out here for the short-term, but we have goals to really get this deck to be a functional space this summer.  It might take all summer to get it there, but we'll do it!

Here are the plans:

The grill will stay where it is, S1 is going to DIY an outdoor dining table, we'll add a couple of adirondack chairs, and we'll DIY a sectional.  Add a few plants and I think we'll have a fun space!

While we're out back, let's take a look at the lower patio (which we've done absolutely nothing to at this point, but we'll get there eventually).

The stairs from the deck down to the patio have riser lights which is fantastic at night.

The area down here is really pretty with the stone and cedar columns and the brick that we splurged on (it's an oversized style which added some $$, but well worth it).  I don't have a definitive direction down here but I know I want some swings, a hammock and lots of seating and play space for S2.

The garage doors leads into S1's tool bench area and just general basement-type storage.  The bikes are in here.  The lawn mower would be in here if it hadn't bit the dust, etc.

Right now the view includes lots of red dirt, but our landscaper started this week (hallelujah), so it won't be red dirt for much longer.

The flat area below is where S2's swingset will be.  The landscaping/yard is a whole post by itself, which I will be sure to share as soon as we have grass! :)

I can't wait to share more as we work on our outdoor areas!

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