front porch dreams.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

All my life I've wanted a front porch made for swingin'.  Ploppin' down on the porch swing, sippin' some sweet tea, wavin' to the neighbors as they walk by on their evenin' stroll, watchin' S2 catch lightning bugs in the front yard, seein' the ferns blowin' in the breeze... this is what dreams are made of, my friends.

We're a couple swings short, but I can now check "get front porch ferns" off my bucket list.

This was before landscaping, which is now complete - I'll show you soon!

I won't talk about all the swearing it took to get the house numbers up and we only had one shot because the columns are PVC so holes are permanent and the numbers only came with the exact amount of anchors and those things are pieces of junk and the 6 might be hanging on by one screw, but we won't talk about it. :)

We're focusing on the back deck, for obvious reasons, so I don't know that the front porch will be swingable this summer, but I'm happy just to have my ferns. :)

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