home tour part iv: view from the street

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our landscapers finished up several weeks ago and now that the grass is finally coming in, I thought it was high time I share some full shots of the outside of our house.

It's not big or fancy (in fact, this house has less square footage than our last house), but it's perfectly suited for us.  I don't take for granted how lucky we are to have been able to build our "forever" home in our dream neighborhood.

We picked out every aspect of the house, from how many mullions each window had (none in the back, traditional in the front, craftsman mullions in my kitchen windows) to the floor coverings, to the kitchen cabinet knobs to each and every light fixture.  It was a labor of love, making all those decisions, and we are entirely pleased with the result.

Siding is James Hardie "Light Mist," stone is Centurion "Kentucky Ledge," brick is Statesville Brick "Casablanca Oversized." You can hardly see the brick in these photos, but I'll share photos of the back soon where the brick is the real star.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get a decent shot of the full back of the house... I may have to do some trespassing onto the neighbor's property. :)

The house is 2,277 square feet on the main floor, 600ish finished in the basement and another 750ish unfinished that we consider "Phase 2" and will finish at some point into a rec room, powder room and media room.

S2 already has her little domain in the back yard.  Living on the lake, we knew we would have to compromise on the yard.  As in, we don't really have a back yard at all, just the little mulch area where S2's swingset is and a narrow strip of grass.  We have a huge patio and deck though, so I don't think we'll be deprived of outdoor space.

See: narrow strip of grass.  Patchy at this point, but we're working on it. :)

The mulch bank off the patio, above, will eventually be covered with some type of plant material, although we're not sure what yet.

One of the things that people like to ask me is, what do you wish you would have done differently?  There are three things I've found so far:

1. We didn't take into account that the laundry room window is directly perpendicular to S2's bathroom and closet windows.  Her bathroom/closet windows have mullions, and the laundry room window doesn't.  It doesn't really bother me, but if I'd thought about the fact that they are so close together, I would have made them all match.

2. In the master bathroom, the drawers beside my sink can't be open when someone needs to come in the bathroom.  They block the swing of the door.  Not an issue when they're closed but I have to think about it in the morning when I get up before S1 so he doesn't come barging in the bathroom and knock the door into the drawers.  We couldn't really have done anything about that though, it's just the best layout for the vanity space.

3. We stained the front door to match the garage doors, but you can't really see the front door and the garage doors at the same time, so I wish we would have painted it to match the shutters (gray) or a different color altogether.  This will be remedied someday... when I talk S1 into it. :)

Okay, now to figure out how to get a decent shot of the back... :)


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