craft room layout and mood board.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hey hey! I'm here today to share some craptastic photos of my craft room (sorry for the phone pics but I didn't have time to get out the "real" camera).

Before I show you the photos and the mood board for the room, here's the basement floor plan so you can see which room I'm talking about.  It's Bedroom 4.
We've lived in this house for over 8 months now.  That's 8 with a capital E.  And I haven't unpacked the first box in my craft room.  It's sad really.  Get it together, Jenna, sheesh!  So, please ignore the mess and disorganization.  It will get there.  Eventually.

This room has one of the best lake views in the house and gets great light.  Oh, and luckily has a large closet where I stashed all the moving boxes before we were having people over one day.  So, if  you think I don't really have that much "stuff," you would be mistaken.  Ha!

Okay, so here's a detailed floor plan for the room.  It's not really a large room but it's plenty big enough for my purposes and I can't wait to make it more functional!  The IKEA shelves will stay, but I think I'm going to put the larger two both on the angled wall (standing up next to each other).  The small one will either go in the closet or up in S2's room.

I love the neutral paint color in this room (same one used throughout most of the house - Ben Moore's "Sterling") so I'm leaving the walls as is and bringing in personality through black, white, and green accents, with plenty of wood tones and some gold sprinkled in.

I already have most of these things.  I'm on the lookout for a {cheap} wood top table and I need to grab some woven baskets and the curtains, but other than that, it's mostly about just pulling it together and getting this room to be a functional creative space!

I'm DIYing the Disney art and will share the how-to and free printables (5!) with you sooner than later. :)

Here are the sources if you're interested in duplicating the look:
curtains | curtain rod | chair | basket | clock | plant art (free!) | pillow

I'll be sure to share more as it comes together!  Hopefully with better photos next time... ;)

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