gallery wall and some new end tables.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Over the weekend, I finally finished up a gallery wall I've been working on.  We have an angled wall in our living room that I thought would be so cute accented with some family photos.

It's really hard to take photos of this wall because it's directly across from the wall o' windows, hence tons o' glare.  I'm just so happy to finally get some of these photos hung up for all to see.  The hardest part was picking my favorites!

I used mostly frames I already had or bought like 6 months ago with this wall in mind.  The only new thing I got was this "Afloat" art from Minted.

Before I started putting holes in the wall, I laid out all my frames to see which layout fit the space the best.  I dug through the storage boxes and pulled out every frame that was black, wood or brown.  I have a ton of white frames, but it's my experience (since our last house was painted the same color, hey-oh), that white frames just fall flat on Ben Moore's "Sterling."

After deciding on an arrangement I liked, I laid each frame down on some Christmas wrapping paper, traced it and cut it out.  This part took a long time but is so worth it to get the result you want without lots of trial and error.

I actually had 3/4 of the frames hung up for a couple weeks before I got around to hanging the rest.  And then a week after that finally filled them all with photos.  Projects around here take a lot longer than they used to. :)

I still need to spray paint that mat of S2's newborn photo because it's yellowed quite a bit being in storage.  Ugh, a decorator's job is never done. :)

While we're in the living room, I thought I'd also share our new end tables with you.  I honestly haven't been this excited about a furniture purchase in a long time.  I've been "over" our old end tables for quite a while, and especially with the new sofa, they were just too large to provide adequate walking space from the living room to the kitchen.  Here's a refresher of what the living room looked like with the old end tables:

And now with the new ones!

Okay, so I didn't get a great shot of them from this angle because I wasn't thinking about them at the time I shot this photo.  BUT I did manage to get a good close up!

Here's a link if you're interested in them!  Hammary Reclamation Place end tables.  However, please note that we didn't buy them from Wayfair and didn't pay nearly that much.  We live in the furniture capital of the southeast and are lucky enough to have a row of furniture outlets just down the road from us, where we found these and purchased them.  S1's uncle actually worked for Hammary for many years so we have quite a few pieces of Hammary furniture and have always been pleased with the quality!  50% of our furniture is Broyhill, 25% is Hammary and the other 25% is IKEA/random. ha

These end tables just fit the style of our house, rug, and sofa so much better than reddish orange boxy ones we had before.  And it turns out that I LOVE having smaller end tables.  They don't collect random things and are the perfect size for a book and a drink and really, what more do you need?

In other news, I bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday.  I haven't started it yet but I'm not quite sure how I'll like reading a "script" versus a traditional novel.  But I had to give it a shot, because Harry Potter.  Are any of you Harry Potter nerds?

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