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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why hello there! This has got to be some sort of record - 3 posts in one week!  Cue the big eyes emoji.  Also, sidebar, why does an emoji keyboard not exist for computers?  I almost prefer to type on my phone now so I can get all my emotions across in one little image.

ANYWAY.  Onto today's post!

I love Sofia the First.  Notice I said I love her.  S2 watches two shows - Sofia and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She hasn't the faintest idea who Peppa Pig is and what's that show about the dogs that rescue things?  Whatever it's called, she doesn't know who they are either.  Not because she wouldn't like them, but just because we don't expose her to a lot of different things.  I discovered in my years of nannying that the fewer options there are, the less fighting occurs.  All of that to say, I really love Sofia, therefore S2 loves her.  Isn't it amazing to have such control over someone else?  I really enjoy it. ;) <-- I so need an actual emoji there.

Anyway, man I'm long-winded and getting off track today, I knew we would be meeting Sofia at Hollywood Studios and I wanted special purple shirts so we could take a photo like so:

We lucked out that S2's name starts with an S and therefore could be seamlessly incorporated into the Sofia the First logo.  I found the logo online, traced it in Adobe Illustrator and added her name instead of Sofia's.  I love the way it turned out.  I would share this file with you but I figure, how many people could really use it?

If you ever watch the show, you'll know who Sofia, Amber, Ruby and Jade are.  Amber is Sofia's sister and Ruby and Jade are her pre-princess friends from the village.  I wanted to add Clio and Hildegard too, but that was more names than would fit on my shirt, ha!  (Clio and Hildy are Amber's friends from Royal Prep.)

The only decent photo I have of my entire shirt is this bathroom selfie.  Which thankfully I took, otherwise I would have no photos.  And I don't normally take selfies so ignore the awkward smile.  Should I have duck-faced it? :-P <-- sticking out tongue emoji needed here

If you want to make my #squadgoals shirt yourself, you're in luck because I'm sharing a PDF of the design with you, yay!  Read my tutorial over on Dawn Nicole Designs for how to make the shirt using your Silhouette Cameo.  If you don't want to attempt the DIY, you can take this PDF to any t-shirt shop and they can put it on a shirt for you.

I found several of the shirts I used at Walmart, and the rest on Amazon.  This shirt is an athletic material, some were cotton and some were a polyester blend and the heat transfer vinyl seemed to work on all of them.  I would say if you plan on wearing the shirt more than once, you might want to go the professional route.  These shirts aren't made to last, but ARE made to look cute for a day!

Cute, right? I just loved them.

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