toddler witch costume

Friday, October 21, 2016

In general, I'm not into store-bought costumes.  Sure, S2 has some dress up clothes from the Disney store, but those were gifts and mostly for play.  For Halloween, instead of going out to buy a cheapo (expensive) costume, I try to pull something together with clothes and a few accessories.  I might buy a new dress, but it's one she can wear again and again, not just for one day.

This year, I didn't really have a costume in mind until I came across the CUTEST witch hat headband at Gymboree and was like, that's IT, she has to be a witch!

A couple more accessories and voila.

Word to the wise: don't take a bite of an apple from our little witch.  It just might be poisoned!

There's still time to pull off your own little witch costume, so here are the sources to the items I used:

Black dress: Primary (LOVING this brand... these people were geniuses)
Headband: Gymboree (only $5!)
Leggings: Amazon
Ribbon: Hobby Lobby (check your local HobLob or any craft store for something similar)

Who else gets sooo excited about Halloween?  I'm looking forward to seeing if S2 will say trick or treat this year.  She's not too into strangers but if M&Ms or Skittles are involved, she might come around. :)

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