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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We took a 2-year-old to Walt Disney World.

We deserve some kind of medal.

Or maybe not since people do it all the time, but it felt like a HUGE accomplishment.

Great times were had, great memories were made, much rest was needed when we returned.

Truth be told, she did great!  Today I'm sharing a very general recap of our trip a couple weeks ago.  I have a lot of Disney-centric tips, tricks and DIYs to share with you this month, but I'll get more into that at the end of the post.  Keep reading! :)

Cinderella Castle was busily getting decked in Christmas lights for the upcoming holiday season so there were cranes ruining every shot.  Thank goodness for Photoshop. :)

I knew S2 loved rides, so I figured she would enjoy that aspect of Disney and boy was I right!  She asked to go on rides constantly.  Her first one was Peter Pan's Flight, and then It's a Small World:

(If you've been here long enough to remember her nursery, then you'll remember it was an It's a Small World theme. Click here to check it out.)

She was actually pretty patient when it came to waiting in lines, as evidenced by this pic which I ADORE.  Her favorite ride was the "horsies" a.k.a. Prince Charming Regal Carousel.  I'm like, kid, we can ride carousels at the mall at home.  But there was no swaying her from riding the horsies every chance we got.

See how happy she is?  Who can deny her the sheer pleasure of riding her beloved horsies?

S1 got to be a knight at Enchanted Tales with Belle. haha

We chose to go in September for one main reason: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Our girl went as Minnie Mouse, obviously.

I'll talk more about the Halloween party later this month. :)

S2 got to meet Cinderella.  She LOVED her.  She didn't know who Cinderella was until we watched the movie on the car ride down, but we'd been talking about getting to see Cinderella's castle in the weeks leading up to the trip so I guess she finally got to put a face to the name.  She kept asking "Where's Cinderella?" the whole time we were there and I was running out of things that Cinderella might be doing instead of being exactly where we were at any given moment.

Also, how stylish is Cinderella in her black choker?  Totally fall 2016, Cindy.

It is my personal opinion that Aurora is the prettiest of all the princesses.  Haters don't hate.  Belle is my favorite because she READS BOOKS and stands up to a HIDEOUS BEAST and lives in FRANCE.  Cinderella is kinda weak, TBH.  I like Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs because of the Dwarfs.  Of course Ariel and Jasmine rank near the top for me because those movies came out during my youth and I had a Jasmine barbie and a Little Mermaid nightgown.  Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna & Elsa are good too.

Okay, I went on a little tangent there. ha.

Enter Aurora.

We only spent half a day at Animal Kingdom because I knew there wouldn't be a whole lot that S2 would be into.  It was super cool being in AK after dark though.  They only recently started staying open into the evening hours so we'd never seen the Tree of Life at night:

My favorite moment of the trip happened at Animal Kingdom though.  It was the first time she gave Mickey a hug.  My heart almost exploded.

Minnie got one too.

Favorite. picture. ever.

Even Papa got in on the action.  Yes, the grandparents came too. :)

Then came Epcot.  I love Epcot.

We met Anna and Elsa!  She would only hold their hands, forget the hug.

And Olaf!  He was technically at Hollywood Studios (but I have very little photos of that day for some reason, so I stuck him with Anna and Elsa, because duh).

We were taking a break that night at Epcot and we went in a little restaurant to cool off (did I mention it was HOT?) and S2 all of a sudden became a complete HAM for the camera.  She wanted me to take about a million pictures of her in front of this brick wall.  She was saying CHEEEESE and playing with my hat and just generally making us laugh.

We also visited Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney).  I could spend hours going through all the shops but our girl isn't much of a shopper so she ran around outside while us adults took turns buying souvenirs.

One thing you have to know about our girl is that she does NOT like riding in a stroller.  Hence why, at the top of the post, I mentioned we needed a medal.  Chasing around (or carrying!) a toddler is no small task.  Here's her "I hate this thing" face.  She's so pitiful.

To wrap things up for the day, I'll leave you with the best ride photos we got.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train:

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  My father-in-law takes any kind of game very seriously.  Can you tell?

Tower of Terror.  We're the ones with our hands in the air.

So, as I mentioned, this month will be dedicated to all things Disney!  I'm calling it DIY Disney.  I made approximately one meeeellion shirts for us to wear while visiting the Mouse, so I'll be detailing the how-to on those, as well as sharing the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and other tips and tricks that I've picked up on throughout my years of visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.  I hope you'll pin my graphic for later and come back to check it out!

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