home tour part v: s2's room.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Welcome to the LONG OVERDUE continuation of our new home tour.  I won't mention the fact that the last area I did was back in June.  Oh wait, I just mentioned it, dang.

Anyway, sorry for the quality of these photos - her room is SO hard to photograph.  It's on the corner and just doesn't get great light.  To refresh your memory, this is the room we're talking about:

Like I mentioned yesterday, we haven't done any much decorating in here yet.  But it's a little girl's room and serves our needs perfectly.

Paint: PPG Candy Mix and PPG Victory Blue.

I'll talk more about her shades (as well as the rest of the window coverings in the house) later this month.

All of the furniture from her old room made it in here, as well as the addition of the Pottery Barn Kids play kitchen (she got it for Christmas last year - isn't it adorable?).

I didn't stage these photos (tell me you can't tell...) so this is how it always looks.  Princesses on the dresser and all. :)

Okay, moving on to the bathroom.

Same cabinetry and granite as in the kitchen and other bathrooms.

Her shower curtain might be my favorite thing ever and I wish I could get a photo of the whole thing!  The room is too tight, but it's a Lily Pulitzer one that I bought from Garnet Hill (no longer available, sorry!).

The built-in shelves beside the shower were a last-minute addition and I'm so glad we went ahead and had our cabinet maker do them!  They fill what would have been an empty space perfectly.  We don't really need them for storage at the moment because really everything that's on them could be stored in the vanity, but I figure when S2 hits the teenage years, it will be a great spot for all of her beauty products. ha.

Okay, so that's where her bedroom and bathroom are now!  I didn't feel inspired to straighten up the closet this time, but maybe I'll share a few shots of it at some point.  No one is really inspired by closets anyway, are they?

I hope you guys have a great weekend!  I might just be tuning into some Christmas movies.  Shh... don't tell.

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