new breakfast table + the hunt for the perfect dining chairs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hey y'all!  I meant to post this last week, but between helping at the polls on Election Day and taking a last-minute work trip, I just didn't get around to the couple of posts I had planned to write.  And then I planned to post this one yesterday and that didn't happen, so I'm FINALLY sitting down to write it.  Wahoo!!

Ever since we moved into the new house, I just didn't feel like our round breakfast table worked in this space - we really needed something rectangular.  So I just happened to come across a Pier 1 table on Craigslist that I thought would work and I think it fits the space so much better!

The problem is, it only came with two chairs (which aren't that great to begin with) and the finish was looking a little dull.

So, to remedy the dull issue, I picked up some Feed-N-Wax wood polish and conditioner at Lowe's.

I had never used it before, but I figured it was only a few bucks so it couldn't hurt to see if it would bring the wood back to life.

See: dull.

Wiping it on was SO MUCH FUN.  I didn't want the process to end.  It truly does smell like oranges - no harsh chemicals or anything.

See: shiny finish!

After the whole table was Feed-N-Waxed, it looked like this:

Definitely brought it back to life!  It does have some scratches and imperfections but honestly, I like furniture with character so I'm fine with it.  And I think we only paid $150 for the table (and got $300 for our table and chairs) so if it bothers me down the road, we don't have to feel bad about replacing it.

Now onto the chair issue.  I've been looking at all different options with a few criteria:

1. I want captain's chairs that are different from the rest of the chairs.
2. They have to be extremely affordable.
3. They have to work with the table finish/style as well as the sectional in the living room.

So I worked up several different options (7, to be exact).

The first few all have upholstered captain's chairs, which I really like the idea of.

Option 1:
Gray upholstered captain's chairs on each end, matching bench on one side of the table, with 2 black windsor-style chairs on the other side.

I really like this option because that gray fabric is beautiful and while the color of the wood doesn't match back to the table, it's far enough removed that I don't think it will clash.  Also, those black chairs make an appearance in quite a few options because I just love them.

Option 2:
Dark gray upholstered captain's chairs with black legs, black bench on one side of the table, and 2 white modern chairs on the other side.

I really love these chairs, but worry that the gray is too dark and might clash with the table.

Option 3:
Tan linen upholstered captain's chairs with 4 farmhouse X-back chairs.

I think these X-back chairs really work with the style of the table and I like the woven seat for a little texture.  But these captain's chairs might clash with the sectional.

Okay, the next few options are all with natural woven captain's chairs.

Option 4:
Armless dark woven captain's chairs, and 4 X-back chairs with wood accents.

I really like these chairs, but wonder if I'd like not having any arms.

Option 5:
Light woven captain's chairs with arms, 4 X-back chairs.

These chairs would tie in to the finish of the table, as well as the sectional, plus they have arms.  Okay, I'm really diggin' this option.

Option 6:
Armless dark woven captain's chairs, and 4 black windsor chairs.

Here are those windsor chairs again.  I think if I pair them with a woven captain's chair, it has to be these because of the taller back.  Still not sure I'm 100% on board with this woven chair option, although I do like the dark color.

Option 7:
Okay, so maybe I'll do the black windsors as captain's chairs and tie them in with 4 black modern chairs.

I really like this but wonder if we wouldn't rather have something more comfy.  Although the cleaning ease of both of these chairs is a definite selling point...

So which option would you choose?  It's a real conundrum.


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