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Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! How lovely are thy branches!

This year, we got an 11-foot tree for the living room and  I bought two new packages of ornaments and put every single ornament we owned on it and it's still a little bare looking.  It also takes up half the room so I'm trying to talk S1 into getting an artificial tree for next year that is tall but a lot more skinny!  We do love our huge tree though.  I couldn't be as picky about the ornament selection (normally I do one silver/white tree and one gold/red tree, but I had to pull out all the stops on this one just so it didn't look barren.  It's a little crazy town but I think that's part of its charm. :)

To offset the crazy tree, I went really simple on the mantel.  I hung some new garland (from Pottery Barn Kids - looks like they're both sold out, sorry!!) and our stockings and that's basically it.

The table got the red and silver treatment (advent calendar also from PBK and also sold out, bummer!).

Ahh, Christmas in the kitchen.  I just love it!!  I've been dreaming of hanging wreaths on those windows since before we even built the house.  I just hung them from clear command hooks right above the window trim.

You can see our elf, Jack, hanging out on the pot filler.

I just got this skinny trough and promptly filled it with ornaments and floral picks, because obviously.  Not sure what will go in it after the holidays but it just fits so perfectly on the island that I'm sure I'll find something!

There's those windows again! *sigh*

We also had to have a tree that's visible from the front of the house so we put up our 7' artificial one in the dining room/office.  It's super pretty from the street at night.

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year.  I vow to start earlier next year!  There's so much that just didn't get put out (and I still can't find my favorite wreath that I was going to hang somewhere).  Oh well. :)

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!

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