a toddler's cinderella birthday party.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hi and happy APRIL to you.  Sorry guys, didn't mean to just fall off the face of the earth there.  February and March were so CRAZY BUSY with work and life and sickness (we all took turns with strep, general colds, and the stomach bug - yuck) and I'm just now coming up for air.  Although apparently allergies are kicking my butt this year?  I've never really dealt with seasonal allergies before but my luck has run out and I'm living on allergy meds.  Getting old sucks, you guys. ha.

So back in February we threw S2 a Cinderella-themed third birthday party.  It was kind of a last minute decision (both deciding to have a big party and then deciding on the theme) so I kept it pretty simple.  S2 has loved Cinderella since our Disney trip back in September so it made sense to make her the star of the show...

My friend Crystal is a master cake baker so I enlisted her help with the Cinderella doll cake and it turned out SO WELL.  Everyone loved it.  I also had her do some cupcakes too because I was afraid the doll cake wouldn't feed everyone but I was mistaken - the cake fed all 30+ people and then some.  Just a note if you're thinking about doing something similar.

Our girl loves playing outside more than anything in the world so we turned the kids loose on the deck and they ran around playing - no set activities planned.

I put some popcorn in some paper cups and called it Bibbidi Bobbidi Popcorn because why not?

Funny story, on her actual birthday, a few days before her party, I was putting her to bed and she got upset because she thought we forgot about her Cinderella party that we'd been hyping up for weeks.  We had to explain that today was her actual birthday but that her party wasn't until the weekend!  Poor thing was so confused, haha.

The one thing I "cooked" for the party - pretzel rods + blue candy melts + white nonpareils = Magic Wands!  They were delicious too!  I'm still finding nonpareils on the floor 2 months later, I kid you not.

I did two craft projects.  The first one was a big number 3 in the party colors.  Here's the tutorial:  grab a piece of white foam core, draw a big 3 on it, cut it out with an Xacto, crumple up some tissue paper squares and hot glue them on the number randomly.  Hang with fishing line.  Instant cuteness!!

Second craft: a banner with the party theme emblazoned on it.  I used a circle cutter but you could also use your Silhouette (or trace around a bowl).  I did use the Silhouette for the letters and connected them all with yarn.

I will say one thing, Amazon and Oriental Trading are lifesavers when planning a party.  Everything in these photos came from one of those two places.

Midnight Kisses, of course!

This sums up our girl, for the most part. :)

She was not interested in blowing out the candles at ALL, but that's okay because this photo of me blowing them out for her makes me look like I have some KILLER cheekbones so I'll take it.  #thankyoucontouring

She is so happy and full of energy and just the absolute light of our lives.  I have no idea what life was like before she was in it.

We don't take nearly enough family photos so every one that we get is just priceless.  Even if a certain 3-year-old refused to smile.

Overall, the party was a big success and our girl was loved and spoiled, as she should be.  Speaking of which, we're taking her BACK to see Cinderella's Castle in a couple of weeks!  She asks almost everyday if we're going to see Cinderella's castle today and we have to tell her not yet, but soon!  It will be a quick trip but so fun - I can never stay away from the Mouse for long, I get withdrawals.

Photography by Nicole Ansalvish.  I wish I had thought of hiring a photographer to capture her first and second birthdays because MAN it was worth every penny!!  And I actually have photos to mark the occasion instead of running around crazy and trying to remember to snap one every now and then.  Do it, hire the photographer, she'll only turn 3 once. :)


  1. Wow!! This Cinderella birthday party is really awesome. All the arrangements were just awesome. Want to arrange a wonderful birthday party at one of NYC venues for my daughter. She asked to have a frozen themed party. So will look for ideas for the day.