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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hello friends and happy Tuesday to you!  We spent this past weekend in the mountains and it was SO nice and warm on Saturday, and cold and rainy on Sunday.  What is UP with this spring weather you guys?  It's getting ridiculous.  But anyway, I have a fun post for you today!

I'm finally revealing S2's big girl room (slash) Baby R's nursery... a.k.a. my girls' shared room.

Even though our house has 4 bedrooms, the way it's laid out means two of those rooms are downstairs and two are on the main level (including the master).  S2 is still too young for us to feel comfortable moving her into her own room downstairs away from us (one day!), so that meant her and the baby would need to share for a while.

Baby R technically sleeps in our room right now and will for a while (S2 didn't sleep in her own room until she was 8 months old) but all of her clothes and diapers are in here.

So anyway, welcome to their room!

I only marginally staged the room (i.e. I cleaned it up and moved the random things back to their appropriate places), so this is how it looks all the time - huge princess castle and all. :)

I shared this gallery wall about this time last year (see it here) and it hasn't changed since.  I need to update the photos and find an "R" to add.  The door on the left is their closet, the door on the right is the bathroom.

Since a color palette for the room was already established, it was kind of difficult to find crib bedding that I liked and that went with the room.  I finally did (sources linked below each photo) and I am so happy with the way Baby R's side of the room turned out.

The crib and prints above are the same ones as in S2's nursery | pennant banner: Hobby Lobby | crib bedding | crib sheet (similar) | bookshelf | mobile: Babies R Us (no link because they're going out of business, but you could probably still find it in the store, for the next couple months at least! | dresser

When we moved into this house, S2 wasn't even two years old yet (reallyyyy hard to believe), so she still slept in the crib and we used all the things from her previous nursery.  But I could never really find a layout for the room that I liked.  It either seemed too sparse or too busy.  When I had the idea to convert the dining room into a playroom, everything started to fall into place.  The things that were making the layout weird now live in the playroom, and only the large and most functional pieces of furniture live in here.

Here's a closer look at the crib bedding.  Both the bumper and the skirt have a navy pom pom fringe.  I think the crib would look really great painted a fun color so the white bedding would pop, but I just can't quite pull the trigger.  I still love the simple look of it though.  She also has a navy and white polka dot blanket that matches, but I totally forgot to throw it in here for the photos.  She currently uses it in her car seat (whennnnn is it going to get warm?!).

Turning around to S2's side of the room...

bed | duvet cover | coverlet | sheets | pom pom pillow | tassel pillowcase | bookshelf | small world print | small world dolls no longer available

I had SO much fun choosing her bedding when we finally made the transition into a big girl bed last summer.  The navy gingham ties in with the navy accent wall, and the navy pom poms from the crib. The pom pom theme carries over here too, on her bolster pillow (I love that thing more than words can express - isn't it ADORABLE?)

I call this the "It's a Small World" reading corner.

We've had these It's a Small World dolls since before she was born and have never gotten around to displaying them until now!  I want to get a round clock to hang above the left shelf to tie in the theme even more (tell me you've ridden It's a Small World before!).  Since these dolls are discontinued, some of them have some value now (don't worry, we kept all the boxes).  I mean, we're not going to get rich off of these things, but they're worth more than we paid for them, so that's a bonus!

Finding these two narrow bookshelves - this one and the taller one beside the crib - at IKEA was a game changer.  They fit the space perfectly and really bring the room together.

I was lucky that Hobby Lobby still had these pennant letters when we decided on the baby's name (I bought them for S2 early last year, so I was super surprised they still had them).

I love how the pom pom pillow brings in all the colors from the Small World corner and injects a little fun into the room.

So that's my girls' pink and navy and pom pom and Small World shared room!  Interesting theme, huh? :)

So how old do you think S2 needs to be to move into her own room downstairs?  I think when she's 6 or 7 I'll feel more comfortable with it, and she'll likely need her own space by then as well.

But for now, I'm in love with their room, and the fact that it's the most "finished" room in the house.

I have a fun post planned for Thursday, so be sure to check back in. :)

Have a great day, lovelies!

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