a toddler girl's spring/summer 2018 capsule wardrobe.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hello friends!  Last week I shared a baby girls' spring/summer capsule wardrobe and this week, I'm sharing one for the toddler set!

As stated in my original mix-n-match wardrobe post, S2 goes to daycare and thus, her clothes have to be daycare friendly. But that doesn't mean they have to be boring!

I look for fun details on every piece, as well as multifuctionality (that's definitely not a word but let's just go with it here).

All of these items are from Osh Kosh/Carter's, Gap/Old Navy or Amazon.

1.  Yellow goes with almost everything, and the cute eyelet yoke and ruching on this top, as well as the high/low hem, take a simple tank up a notch.

2.  This dress is from Amazon and comes in multiple patterns and colors.  The birds are appliquéd on, so at only $15, it's a real steal.  S2 will wear the #11 playground shorts underneath to make it daycare friendly. 🐦

3.  I buy this same navy blue scooter skort every year.  Navy goes with EVERYTHING and doesn't show stains - win win!

4.  This London tee is so cute!  I bought it because I got a London tee for myself from J.Crew, and #mommydaughtermatching.  Other cities are available though!  She'll wear this with the #7 or #13 shorts. 🎡

5.  There's nothing cuter than girls in overalls.  S2 is old enough now that she can manage going potty with overalls. We had to forgo them for daycare for a couple of years (after she was out of diapers, but before she had the coordination to buckle overalls), but I'm so glad they're back!  These will look ADORABLE with the #8 or #9 tops.

6.  Another dress from Amazon, this time with watermelon slices and a little chest pocket.  She LOVES to wear dresses to school, so while I would have skipped them in the past, I go with it now, just adding a pair of playground/cartwheel shorts underneath.

7.  These sun shorts are my favorites and S2 ends up with multiple pairs each summer. They are so easy to pull on and the fun colors go with more than you would think.  She can wear these with all the tops included, except maybe #12.

8.  This gingham top has pom pom trim around the sleeves and I think it's just the cutest thing EVER. There's also a baby bodysuit version to match. #Idie 💁🏻

9.  I love the peplum sleeve and soft pink stripes on this top.  I can pair it with any of the bottoms and the cute factor will be out of this world. 🤗

10.  "So happy when I dance." I thought of S2 when I saw this because she LOVES going to her ballet/tap class every Tuesday.  She'll wear it with the #7 or #11 shorts. 👯

11.  I've already mentioned these playground shorts several times, but I buy at least 2 pairs of black and a pair of navy for school, and I also pick up a white pair for church.

12.  Last week I told you guys that I'm having a moment with lemons right now.  The loves continues with this cute and basic tank.  She can wear it with the #3 or #13 shorts. 🍋

13.  Every girl needs a pair of chambray shorts.  I avoid true denim shorts because they're not that comfy, but we still need a denim-ish basic that she can wear with most things and these fit the bill.

Okay, so I hope this was helpful!  If so, leave a comment below or pop on over to my Instagram to say heyyyyy. @jenna_lovelakeliving

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  1. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe for toddlers! My 6 month old has more clothes than I can get her in with all the hand me downs we've gotten! I want to do a capsule for myself too :P