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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hey and happy Saturday to you!  I don't know if I've ever posted on a Saturday before.  We're entering a whole new world here on LLL. 😂 But I think you'll be seeing me on Saturdays quite a bit from here on out because I'm starting a new series called {lake living loves} where I share a roundup of all the things I'm loving that fit into a particular category.

This week it's the BEST printable art for kids' rooms, all from my favorite source for art, Etsy.

I already have a few other categories in mind for the coming weeks, such as athletic/athleisure apparel, coffee-related art/gifts/items/etc., and more!  I'm really excited to share these with you so let's get into it...

The thing I love about Etsy is the instant gratification.  If I have an empty frame I need to fill on my girls' wall, I just pop on Etsy, find one I like, buy it, download it, print it, frame it, DONE.  No waiting for the mailman, plus it's so easy on the wallet!  And usually with art like this, I just want the walls to look cute, I don't necessarily care about high-quality prints to pass down to my children.  So downloading art and printing it on standard computer paper is just fine with me.  But if you do want "real" prints, Etsy has no shortage of those either!

I actually need to update the girls room with some new art - so I'm going to take my own advice here and download one (or more!) of these myself.

1. Aren't these colorful houses SO CUTE?! I can't.

2. What's better than animals blowing bubble gum?  This download actually comes as a set of 3 - perfect for an instant triptych above a crib.

3. I don't know why, but I love koalas. There's just something so cute and cuddly about them.  Lots of other animals available from this seller as well!

4. I have a GINORMOUS map of the United States, but nowhere to put it. I think I could make room for this small and colorful one!

5. This swan print would look so perfect in the playroom, don't you think?

6. I love the typography on this trio of downloadable sunshine art.

7. Something about this parrot just speaks to me. I think it's the bold pinks and graphic nature.

8. Why, hello little bunny. I'm a sucker for any black and white art, which brings me to...

9. Another one.  One of my favorite books to read to the girls is Guess How Much I Love You.  There's just something so sweet and innocent about Little Nutbrown Hare.  I Love You to the Moon and Back print found here.

10. All the Disney princesses are available at this seller. I'm kind of partial to Rapunzel myself.

So what do you guys have planned for this Cinco de Mayo Saturday? It's a low-key weekend here, but there's nothing at all wrong with that. 💃🏻  

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[Disclosure II: The images contained herein are property of the respective Etsy sellers, as linked to in this post.]

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