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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hello Saturday! It's a big day here in our neck of the woods - S2's first dance recital!  I'm 100x more excited than she is, but I just can't help it!  I can't wait to see the routines they've been working on all year.  I'll probably cry because she's getting SO big.  Our girl just loves dance class.  I've ordered her recital flowers, the programs, and everything, so we're all ready to enjoy the day.  Catch us over on Instagram for some of the action!

Anyway, back to today's post!  If you love coffee, raise your hand. 🙋🏻

I know I do, so I thought it would be fun to do a {lll} centered around one of my favorite things - a nice cup of coffee.  I'll take it any way - iced, hot, intravenously, whatever! 😉

1. This coffee print from Pop Chart Lab is so fun!  I really love all their prints, so when I came across this one, it was love at first sight.  It shows all the different coffee concoctions and apparatuses!

2. Corkcicle tumblers are my favorite because of all their beautiful colors. This blush pink is 😍.

3. This list wouldn't be complete without something that says "but first, coffee" and I just love the heather colors offered in this tee.

4. Unlike other decor signs, this one has "coffee bar" cut out of wood separately and mounted on top of a piece of solid wood for a 3D effect.  It looks a lot more high end than some painted signs I've seen, and it's really affordable!

5. I'm really a sucker for any kind of black and white line art, and this coffee-themed tea towel is no exception!

6. If you make iced coffee at home, then you know regular sugar won't dissolve very easily.  You could either make your own simple syrup, or be like me and buy the Torani cane sugar syrup.  One or two pumps in a tall glass with ice, cold brew coffee, milk and a splash of half & half... mmmm summertime coffee heaven.

7. I'll admit that I haven't used this coffee scrub, but with all the positive reviews (and anti-cellulite promises!), I might have to give it a try. Even if it just smells like coffee without all the other benefits, it's worth it, I think!

8. Everyone needs a reusable Starbucks cold tumbler.  This is the "grande" size.  I have the Venti because #coffeeaddict but I think I need to invest in a grande as well!

9. Did you know Yeti makes a coffee mug?  Where have I been?  I need a personalized one, from here, stat.

I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC Saturday and rest of your Memorial Day weekend.  Baby R has to come with us to the recital because everyone I would normally ask to watch her is going to be there cheering on our big girl, so let's just hope she takes an extra long recital-length nap. 😬

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