a yellow front door.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hi friends! I'm so excited to share this update with you today because it's been a long time coming. 

When we built our house, we chose to use an opaque stain on the front door, to match our garage doors. The door is a composite that can be either stained or painted, but it's not wood.

Well, 2 years later, that had proven to be a poor choice, because the door was in a sad state:

See all the white discoloration at the bottom? Yeah, not a cute look. The stain just hadn't held up well to the elements.

And turns out, you can't see the front door at the same time as the garage doors, so the brown door and sidelights looked out of place with the grayish shutters and blue siding. We knew it needed to be painted, but I didn't really have any inspiration for what color I wanted to paint it.

Well, last October (that's 2017), I was on a business trip and picked up a copy of HGTV Magazine at the airport to read on the plane. (I don't know why I don't just get a subscription already, but it's like a little treat when I'm out somewhere and can pick up a copy.) Anyway, this issue caught my eye because the cover featured a similar color house as ours... with a yellow front door!

BOOM! Inspiration struck.

But then life and winter and baby and finally in April, I had a few hours to devote to painting the door. I chose a softer yellow than the HGTV Magazine one, PPG Firelight 1211-5.

I really wanted the door to be the star of the show, so I painted the sidelights to match the shutters, PPG Oswego Tea 1005-6.

Before, with the dark brown door, the whole porch looked dark and you couldn't see the detail of the pretty front door until you were about to ring the doorbell. Now, the whole house looks brighter and cheerier.

I don't know why yellow hadn't occurred to me before, because I already had these yellow cushions for the wicker benches out here. Now it all makes sense and ties together, imagine that. 😋

Now it just looks so much better, and no weird white spots at the bottom!

I love our Craftsman style house and front porch (that was one of my must-haves when we were building) and now the fun front door just makes the curb appeal pop!

I'm just always surprised how much difference a tiny can of paint makes. So worth the effort, don't you think?

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