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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Do you think I could insert one more L word into the title of this post? 😝 I just couldn't resist.

Welcome to Saturday, friends! Have you noticed that lemons are the it fruit of 2018? Like, literally, they're everywhere and I'm not at all mad about it. I've had a lemon rug in my kitchen for 2 years now, so I like to think I was ahead of the trend on the lemon-love. Pineapples are so 2017, so hop aboard the lemon train and let's go!

Here are 15 CUTIE PATOOTIE lemon-themed items that I found and love.

For the kids

1. This roundup wouldn't be complete without a couple items (also see: #4) that say easy peasy lemon squeezy. This kids tank is adorable, especially the pink and yellow color combination!

2. Okay, #1 was for S2 but this one is for Baby R. How CUTE is this little nautical-inspired lemon outfit? She needs it.

3. It's a plush smiling lemon toy. Enough said.

For the home

4. I think I need this hand towel to match my lemon rug, don't you?

5. Amazon is quickly becoming my go-to place for home decor items. I just love this table runner!

6. I'm sure you've heard the cliche "When life gives you lemon, make lemonade." This print goes a step further than lemonade and says "make lemon everything." Yes, please.

7. This print has a really pretty painterly quality that I'm drawn to. And again with the pink and yellow color combo.

8. My lemon rug was from Target 2 years ago (how many times can I mention that rug in this post?), and is no longer available, but I found another one for you! So cute.

9. The color of this colander is "lemon" so it totally counts as a lemon item. Plus I need it to set on my counter holding fruit - how pretty would that look?

10. I'm a total sucker for anything with black and white stripes (see: my closet), so this painted lemon art really caught my eye. And obviously if you buy the colander, you need this little lemon painting to sit next to it. Obviously.

11. This notecard is so pretty, I don't think I'd want to write anything on it.

For you


13. I'm a little wary buying clothing from random Amazon sellers, but I just might take a chance on this dress. It's so fun for summer.

14. Isn't it funny how you can have a whole drawer of pajama pants in regular rotation one year and the next year, they're all ratty, 10 years old and omg I need to go pajama shopping, I'm so embarrassed. Pick up these lemon capris, you'll thank me. (Also available in shorts!!)

15. A 3-pack of lemony crew socks. Please and thank you.

So, tell me, are you as loco for lemons as I am?  I'm unstoppable.

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