moody monday: a posh purple big girl room

Monday, July 9, 2018

Hello and happy Monday you guys! I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July last week - wasn't it so weird being on a Wednesday?

I used to do a series here called "Moody Monday" in which I shared a mood board I put together for imaginary spaces.  I thought I'd resurrect it today, but in this case, the room isn't imaginary!  I'm already starting to plan for S2's big girl room (when we decide to move her, sometime next year) and thought it would be fun to share my initial plans.

The room she'll be moving into is a good size, but to maximize the space even more, I thought it would make sense to get her a daybed.  There is not really a corner to tuck a bed into, so by doing a daybed, we can avoid a bed sticking out into the middle of the room and maximize floor space.  After all, she's still little and has lots of toys to play with. 

Here's a little mockup I did of the bed wall with the sconces.

I still need to think through the details, but this is the big picture - cutie patootie Hygge & West "Daydream" wallpaper + upholstered daybed + gold + purple = perfectly posh room fit for a princess. 😁. Also, I think by doing the wallpaper only on the upper 1/3 of the wall, it won't be too busy, and will mimic the birds flying in the sky.

She's on board with the purple, I just have to bring her around to the birds and clouds.  If it were up to her, there would be a big Rapunzel decal stuck onto neon purple walls. We gotta compromise here, folks. 🤣

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